14/12/2011                                         78 Minutes
melodic, symphony-esk, trip-hop, downtempo, soul, rock, and funk
25/05/2011                                         78 Minutes
reggae, soothing instrumentals, hiphop, trip-hop, grime, rock, and electro
17/04/2011                                         78 Minutes
old hiphop, new hiphop, and lots of instumentals
22/08/2010                                        120 Minutes
a bit of everything, hiphop, breaks, electro, grime, funk, soul, reggae, rock, you name it
03/05/2010                                         68 Minutes
easy swingin sounds from all over the world
10/04/2010                                         60 Minutes
breaks breaks and more breaks, high energy beats to move your feet
03/03/2010                                         60 Minutes
jazzy hiphop, bboy breaks, funk, beats, rhymes, and all out good times :)
31/10/2010                                         75 Minutes
halloween laced madness, jumpup, hiphop, remixes, and fun stuff
19/12/2011                                         78 Minutes
jumpup, dancehall, grime, fullout filthy dirty
01/02/2012                                         78 Minutes
An opportunity to hear a diverse range of mark ass marks, trick ass marks, punk bitches and skip scap skanks and skallywags, hoes, heffers, hee haws and hoolie hoos.
05/03/2012                                         78 Minutes
lazers, synths, house, breaks, electro funk,
futuristic 80s dance party
27/03/2012                                         78 Minutes
warp your mind, this mix starts off slow and
experimental, then transforms into a potion of
grimey hiphop and tripped out beats.
14/04/2012                                         78 Minutes
from grassroots and woodstock to groovy
instrumentals and classic rock. this mix has
all the ingredients for a sunny afternoon.

01/05/2012                                         78 Minutes
one of my personal favourites, this mix simply
makes me smile from start to finish. from indie
and acoustic to funk and jumpup feel the love.

01/07/2012                                         78 Minutes
hiphop of all kinds, bangers, re-edits, club-hop,
dirty south, all the way to triphip and chillout.
gangster shit 

18/11/2012                                         67 Minutes
straight bangers... trap, triphop, glitch-hop,
future garage, grime, electro.
mindblasting bass and jesus in your face.

Nalls Tradamus | Create Your Badge
19/12/2012                                         60 Minutes
a lofi, dusty crate style, trip around the world.
picture everything has burnt to the ground
and we of the future find a single crate of
dusty gold. from funk to punk... its got it all.

09/03/2013                                         60 Minutes
with summer just around the corner... this mix
should set you hiphop heads up nicely to kick
back in the sun. backpack hiphop and crazy
beats from end to end... boombox worthy

15/04/2013                                         63 Minutes
starts out with some headnod beats....
then trickles into some super smooth joints.
interlaced with some love songs, indie rock,
and summer feel good jams.